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Classroom Hybrid Courses (HYC)
Speech and Developmental Reading offers HYC courses that combine traditional face-to-face classroom instruction with online computer based study. These classes meet on campus for the lecture portion and the remainder of the coursework will be completed online.



Integrated Reading and Writing (INRW)

Communication Studies (Speech)

Honors Program


Learning Communities

Comp 4.0

Academic Triangle Program


Distance Learning Hybrid Courses (HYD)
Speech offers HYD courses that combine traditional face-to-face classroom instruction with online computer based study. The majority of the coursework is offered online via the Internet, with some classroom meeting times scheduled to give speeches.

Communications Division:  Mission Statement

The students who enroll at Austin Community College have a variety of reasons for entering our doors: some are lifelong learners, some are seeking new careers, some plan to transfer to a four year school and still others plan to immediately enter the workforce once they complete their Associate Degrees.  No matter what their reasons they all have one thing in common—to enhance the skills which they have already acquired, to learn new skills, and to take advantage of what “higher education” truly means.  The Communications Division of Austin Community College embraces all of these goals, and emphasizes promoting those communication tools that are at the heart of a useful citizen in a progressive/technological society.  We wish our students to be thoughtful and accurate writers, conscientious and careful readers and eloquent, coherent speakers.  We promote, in our Division, those analytical skills that will ensure our students are prepared to become tomorrow’s leaders. 

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