Reverse Transfer

You can finish your ACC associate degree after transferring. Credits you earn at a four-year college or university are credited back to ACC to fulfill your ACC degree requirements.

Reverse transfer steps

Reverse transfer is a new partnership between ACC and some area universities. Until the reverse transfer process is fully automated, you may use the following steps to ensure you are awarded the associate degree.

ACC notifies you of your degree and graduation status after you complete these steps:

    1. Check your degree progress in Online Services and speak with an advisor if you have further questions.
    2. Submit a current university transcript.
    3. Complete ACC's graduation application steps.

Reverse transcript authorization

If you are interested in being considered automatically for reverse transfer, say 'yes' whenever you encounter the reverse transfer online statement - typically when you complete the ACC admissions application or register for classes.

Your authorization allows ACC to receive your university transcripts automatically for reverse transfer evaluation. You will be notified if you are eligible to be awarded an ACC associate degree.