Emergency Preparedness Week

ACC hosts Emergency Preparedness Week during the third week of every semester to educate students, faculty, and staff on the best actions to take if an emergency were to happen on campus. 

 Welcome to ACC’s Emergency Preparedness Week, June 9 to 14! 

Campus Drills

This summer the date, time and buildings involved in evacuation drills are being announced:
Tuesday: Eastview; Buildings 1000, 2000, 3000; 2:00pm
Wednesday: Northridge; Building 3000; 2:00pm and Round Rock; Buildings 1000 and 2000; 6:00pm
Thursday: South Austin; main building; 10:00am
Friday: Service Center; main building; 9:30am
Saturday: Cypress Creek; Building 2000; 10:30am
Drill surveys now available:

Preparedness Tips 

Everyone in the ACC community is responsible for being prepared in an emergency. Plan for the unexpected so you don’t have to think – you react.

Upcoming activities

During Emergency Preparedness week the college will conduct building evacuation drills at selected campuses and test the ACC Emergency Alert System (see details below).

How to prepare

View the ACC Emergency website for detailed information about various types of emergencies.  ACC also shares emergency alerts and updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Key resources to help you

Following are a few key points you need to know:

  • Emergency procedures posters: Posters are located in classrooms and meeting rooms to provide information on different emergency procedures.
  • Rally point signs: During a building evacuation students and employees should gather at the campus rally point to check in and receive information. Rally points are marked by posted signs and are indicated on campus safety plans. Do not attempt to leave the campus while people are meeting at the rally point.
  • Active shooter events: Unfortunately, the number of active shooter events has increased, both in the community and on campuses nationwide. Two excellent videos are available to guide you through your reponse to an active shooter emergency: RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Surviving an Active Shooter Event and Surviving an Active Shooter Incident.  The ACC Emergency Alert system will be used to keep you informed.
  • Campus safety plans: Plans are located near the Emergency Procedures posters. They show five important pieces of information: building exits, areas of rescue assistance, recommended shelter areas in case of severe weather, outdoor rally point(s) for building evacuations, and the location of automated external defibrillators.

ACC Emergency Alert System test on Wednesday

ACC will test its Emergency Alert System on Wednesday, Jun. 11, at 10 a.m. During the test, you should receive an alert at your ACCmail account and any text-enabled device listed in your ACC Emergency Alert contact information.  Please verify or update your contact information in Online Services so you can participate.

Finally, remember: If You See Something, Say Something

For emergencies, call 512-223-7999 or dial 222 from a campus phone. If someone is behaving in a threatening manner, report it to your professor, dean of student services, supervisor, an ACC police officer, or your campus manager. If you need to remain anonymous, please report your concerns to 911.

Thank you for your help in making ACC campuses safe and secure for everyone.


ACC Emergency Alert System Test

Please verify or update your cell phone so you can participate in the next college-wide ACC Emergency Alert test!