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Learning Lab Mission, Scope & Function


The mission of the ACC Learning Labs is to help students become independent and active learners and to achieve academic success. Students are the central focus of the labs, and we are responsive to their individual needs.

We strive to achieve the following common goals

  • To help students develop positive attitudes towards learning and confidence in their ability to learn
  • To foster students' personal responsibility and accountability for their own learning
  • To provide instruction and services that address, the cognitive and affective dimensions of learning
  • To provide a variety of instructional approaches that are appropriate for the level of skills and learning styles of the students we serve
  • To introduce students to the culture of higher education and to assist them in transferring skills and strategies they have learned previously
  • To provide services and resources to faculty and staff that enhance, and support classroom instruction and professional development
  • To support the academic standards and requirements of the college

Copyright 1997, 2009 by Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education

Scope of Services and General Function

The Learning Labs serve all ACC students, placing emphasis on developmental and at-risk students.
The Learning Labs provide tutorial services and tailored individual instruction to a diverse student population in an open-access lab setting. 
Modes of delivery include traditional and/or computerized one-on-one and small group instruction, skills review workshops, guided study groups, self-paced independent study, and supplemental instruction.

Cooperative Function in Support of Developmental Education Programs Faculty can conduct the following activities in collaboration with the Learning Labs:

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Prescriptive alternative instruction
  • Required lab components
  • Integral and/or complementary classroom activities
  • Teaching assistance for combined classes
  • Support for fast-track and paired courses
  • Flex-entry/Flex-exit courses
  • CCA/CCE instruction delivery
  • Skills deficiency remediation
  • Individual and whole class computerized instruction

Function in Support of Staff and Faculty

In direct support of faculty and staff, we endeavor

  • To collaborate with task force leaders and faculty in addressing the learning needs and retention of students
  • To provide mutual consultation, as needed, on student progress
  • To provide training and professional development opportunities for tutors and lab assistants
  • To provide a specialized, professional library to faculty and staff
  • To facilitate on-going academic discourse in and across the disciplines.

Function in Support of the College Mission

The Learning Labs programs support the academic standards and course offerings of the college. The Learning Labs work in partnership with the faculty, staff, and administration in upholding the mission, standards, and requirements of the college. We accomplish this function by

  • Collaborating on student access, retention and success initiatives and programs
  • Reviewing the mission of the labs periodically, to reflect changes at the college level.
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