High School to College

High School to College

ACC is the No. 1 destination for area high school students and the No. 1 source of transfer students to the region's top universities.

The ACC High School to College programs provide opportunities for high school students to earn college credit before graduation and make a successful transition into college.

ACC Tech saves you time and money on your college education. You earn high school credit to use right now and college credit to claim later for a college degree. Learn More »Austin Community College enrolls eligible high school students through the Early College Start program, allowing them to take up to two college courses per semester while still in high school. Courses may be taken at any ACC campus, ACC center, online, or at your high school campus if available. Learn More »College Connection is Austin Community College's way of eliminating barriers to college entrance. We connect with area high schools seniors to help make their transition to college as successful as possible. Learn More »ACC's Early College High School initiative enables students to earn tuition-free college credit that also satisfies high school requirements. With hard work, ECHS students who begin college classes in the ninth grade can earn both a high school diploma and up to 60 college credit hours or an associate degree in four years. ECHS is currently available at Austin ISD's Reagan and LBJ high schools. Learn More »


Upward Bound

Learning should be fun, and college should be an exciting path for any student who works hard. Upward Bound is a program that is designed to transform your high school experience by exploring, participating, and discovering the opportunities that await you beyond high school.

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Learn which programs meet your needs for earning college credit in highschool

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ProgramDescriptionAdvantageStudent ResponsibilitiesClaiming Your CreditTuition/Fees
Early College Start/Co-EnrollmentA program that allows juniors and seniors to attend college classes and earn college credit.
  • Experience college firsthand.
  • 235+ degree and certificate programs.
  • College curriculum
  • May remain in high school or attend an ACC campus for wider selection of courses and professors.
  • Earn transferable college credit
  • Determine transferability of Early College Start credits.
  • Must complete application/
    registration deadlines.
  • Meet college academic standards
No action required; it appears on your ACC transcript.Free tuition to in-district students; other costs are books, supplies, and transportation.
Early College Start/Dual CreditCollege classes that result in both high school and college creditMeets high school and college requirements in one class.Determine transferability of ECS college credits.Same as above.Same as above.
ACC TechA program enabling students to receive technical training in high school and begin a workforce/
technical program that leads to an associate degree or certificate.
  • Remain at high school campus.
  • Prepare for technical career.
  • Earn both high school and college credit.
  • College credit at no cost.
  • Enroll in ACC Tech classes at the high school.
  • Earn a B or better in the course.
  • To claim ACC Tech credits, enroll at ACC as an Early College Start or traditional student and complete one class
  • While taking the ACC Tech course in high school, set up an account on the CATEMA website.
  • Enroll in the articulated courses on the website.
  • Register for and complete any class at ACC
  • After you complete a class as an ACC student, your credit is uploaded from CATEMA onto your ACC transcript
Advanced PlacementIdentified courses that prepare high school students to take advanced placement tests that may allow credit at the college level
  • Remain at high school campus.
  • Accelerated class.
  • Earn both high school and college credit.
  • Apply for testing.
  • Score high on AP test in order to have greatest chance of being awarded college credit.
Have the College Board send a report to your college or university. The school notifies you regarding whether your credit is accepted.Advanced Placement test fee. Additional reporting fees also may apply.
International BaccalaureateInternationally recognized program that offers college credit for students completing a standardized curriculum and culminating exam.Remain at high school campus.
  • Maintain high degree of scholarship.
  • Apply for testing.
  • Score high on IB test in order to have greatest chance of being awarded college credit.
 Examination costs incurred by student.

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