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Automotive Technology

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What keeps you going?
My dreams and my mechanic

Sooner or later, every car owner will need the services of an automotive technician. But maintaining and repairing vehicles isn't just steady work-it can also be quite profitable. ACC's Automotive Technology Program comes fully loaded with the know-how employers want. Our expert instructors combine classroom lessons with hands-on shop time repairing real customers' cars. You can even gain valuable experience working on hybrid electric systems. And unlike many schools, ACC is certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, putting you a step closer to the important ASE technician certification.

What skills can I gain?

Students build expertise in the repair and maintenance of cars, light trucks, sport utilities, and vans.

Students in the associate of applied science program take general academic courses in areas such as math, social sciences, and English, in addition to dedicated automotive coursework.

A three-semester Automotive Technician certificate is offered. It covers many of the same areas as the associate degree, but does not include general academics courses.

Specialized certificates requiring 736 clock-hours of study are available in the following areas: brake and suspension, drive train, engine performance, heating and air conditioning. Each of these can be included in the associate of applied science degree.

An enhanced skills certificate is also available in Automotive Technology, which includes classes in small business management and automotive service, plus an internship in the field.

How long will it take to get a degree or certificate?

It typically takes full time students at least two years to complete an associate degree. The Automotive Technician certificate requires a year and a half of full time study. The 736 class-hour certificates can usually be completed in 9 months of full time study. The certificates are designed for people already working in the business who want to grow their skills as well as for people who wish to enter the workforce quickly.

Where can I work with this education?

Auto dealers and a wide range of independent auto repair facilities are the most common employers of program graduates.

How do I get started at ACC and where can I find out about financial aid?

Visit ACC's future student's page for admissions information. The financial aid page has links for eligibility and applications.

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