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Veterinary Technology

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Turn your love for animals into a career

Got a passion for the fuzzy, furry, or four-legged? Then train for a career focused on helping animals with ACC's Veterinary Technology program. ACC's program provides the essential knowledge and hands-on clinical training needed to work with animals and assist veterinarians in a variety of settings.

What skills can I gain?

Students gain skills to become a veterinary technician, including general animal care, surgical assistance, medical treatment, and laboratory testing. Courses include Canine and Feline Clinical Management, Large Animal Assisting Techniques, and Veterinary Pharmacology, among others.

What are my degree and certificate options?

Students can earn an Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology and will take certification exams reflecting state and national standards.

Where is the program offered?

The Veterinary Technology Program is based at ACC's Elgin Campus, 1501 W. U.S. Hwy 290. Prerequisite courses may be taken at other ACC campuses.

Where can I work with this education?

Students will have the skills necessary to work in private clinics, laboratories, and animal hospitals.

  1. Bureau of Labor Statistics (United States Department of Labor)
  2. Texas Workforce Commission

How do I get started at ACC and where can I find out about financial aid?

Visit ACC's future student's page for admissions information. The financial aid page has links for eligibility and applications.

Who can answer my questions about the program?

Contact the Health Sciences Department at (512) 223.5700 or

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