ACC Elections

Under Texas law, the College is a separate political subdivision. It is responsible for conducting elections to elect members of the ACC Board of Trustees, to levy taxes, and for annexation issues.

For information on submitting forms or notary services, please contact, Alicia Del Rio, Manager, Elections and Government Relations, at 512-223-7071.

Final Unofficial 2018 Board of Trustee and Pflugerville Annexation Election Returns

Updated 11/7/18 at 12:46 p.m.

Place 7
Name Votes
Mitch Fuller 94,679
Barbara P. Mink 225,350
Place 8
Name Votes
Douglas Gibbins 62,830
Stephanie Gharakhanian 140,607
Sarah Mills 111,639
Place 9
Name Votes
Julie Ann Nitsch 180,273
Lora H. Weber 125,495
Pflugerville Annexation
For 15,242
Against 17,965

Important forms


Pflugerville Annexation information

Pflugerville July 9 Public Hearing Presentation:

Here is the Powerpoint presentation for the July 9 public hearing on Pflugerville annexation.

Austin Community College Service Plan for residents living within Pflugerville ISD, as approved by the ACC Board of Trustees on June 4th, 2018:

Service Plan