Zero Waste

Zero Waste Events

ACC's Office of Energy & Sustainability can help make any campus event Zero Waste.  Fill out the Zero Waste Event Request Form to tell us more about your event, connect with our staff, and receive guidance on how to coordinate a Zero Waste event.  The process is easy:

  1. Fill out the Zero Waste Event Form - Our staff will send you the Zero Waste Event Guide.
  2. Order compostable supplies for your event or contact your food vendor for compostable packaging options. 
  3. We recruit volunteers for your event.
  4. On the day of the event we arrive with compost bins and educational signage.


Recycling in the United States can divert more than 60 million tons of waste away from landfills every year. That amounts to about 32 percent of all of our garbage. Do your part by dropping recyclable waste in the blue bins on campus.

ACC is improving recycling campus-by-campus. Learn more about ACC's Recycling Improvement Program, made possible in part through the Keep America Beautiful/Coca Cola Foundation Bin Grant and the Capital Area Council of Governments.  

Please rinse food waste off before recycling any of the following.

  • -Aluminum, steel, tin cans, and foil
  • -Plastic utensils, foodware, straws, cups, bottles, and caps
  • -Glass bottles and jars
  • -Paper cups, carton, and bags
  • -Phone books, magazines, newspaper, office paper, and pamphlets
  • -Flattened cardboard boxes

*We do not recycle plastic bags.  Please bring your plastic bags to your local grocery store to recycle.

Styrofoam Recycling

Styrofoam packing cube recycling is available at all campuses in mesh collection bags. *Please DO NOT put packing peanuts, food containers, plastic bags, or spongy foam (LDPE #4) in the mesh collection bags.  Please ask your campus administration to direct you to the collection point.


Electronic Waste collection is available at all campuses.  Please ask your campus administration to direct you to the collection point.


ACC has implemented Paper Towel Composting in restrooms across the district.  Please put paper towels only in the marked bins, and NO food waste, recycling, or landfill waste.

In order to abide by the City of Austin's Universal Recycling Ordinance and reduce the amount of waste ACC sends to landfills, ACC will be implementing food composting in all cafe kitchens across the district.

Eastview Campus' Culinary Arts Department diverts all compostable waste (inedible food from preparation and unfinished dishes) to compost bins within their kitchens.  Eastview's Children's Lab School also teaches composting at a young age, providing bins for food waste and paper towels.

Eco Bag

Eco Bag 2018

Be fashionable and eco-friendly with the 2018 ACC Eco Bag designed by Eco Bag Student Design Competition Winner, Sonya Tovar.  Eco Bags can be purchased for $2.49 each (plus tax) through the ACC Marketplace.  

Ordering for your ACC Department? Contact before ordering to purchase tax-free. 

Green Fountains

ACC has installed Green Fountains on all campuses to decrease the number of single-use waterbottles.  Each fountain displays how many plastic bottles have been kept out of the landfill since its installation.