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Other User Authorization

Follow these instructions to grant consent for a family member, employer, or other individual to access your financial statements and make payments on your behalf.

IMPORTANT: FERPA prohibits the college from sharing your student records with a third party without your written authorization.

Completing the steps below will NOT provide your authorized use with access to your stored payment methods, academic records, or other personal information.

Add an authorized user

  1. Go to Financial Information.
  2. Click Manage my Student Account. You will be directed to an instructions page.
  3. Click Continue. ACC's Account/Payment System will open in a new window.
  4. Click Authorized Users, located in the gray menu bar near the top of the page.
  5. Enter the email address of the authorized other person in the box where indicated.
  6. Select Yes or No to the question regarding whether you want this user to view your payment history.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Read the agreement terms that appear.
  9. If you agree with the terms, check the box next to I Agree.
  10. Print the agreement if you want a copy.
  11. Click Continue. You will be returned to ACC's Account/Payment System main window.

Once you complete the process, your authorized user will be emailed instructions for setting up a separate login and password.

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