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Physical Science Department Chairs

Dr. James Heath
Department Chair
Office: (512) 223-6052

Dr. Christina Cavalli
Assistant Department Chair
Office: (512) 223-2160

Dr. James Friedrichsen
Assistant Department Chair
Office: (512) 223-6298




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Physical Sciences - News and Information

New Physics Course Offered in Fall 2014

Applied Physics (PHYS1410) is a one-semester survey course in physics intended to give students an overview of physical concepts as well as experience applying those concepts to simple problem solving. Topics include kinematics, Newton's laws, conservation laws, density and elasticity, fluids, temperature and heat, sound, electricity and magnetism, light and color. PHYS 1405 and PHYS 1410 may not both be taken for credit, nor may PHYS 1407 and PHYS 1410 both be taken for credit.

Interested? Check the course schedule for times and days.



Society of Physics Students

SPSThe Austin Community College Society of Physics Students is a chapter of a national organization that is designed for students with an interest in physics. They meet several times a month to explore internship opportunities, discuss various physics topics, host guest speakers, plan field trips and experiments, and to enjoy the company of others who love physics Contact ACC SPS at, or visit their Facebook page at


Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students in Physics

The Nucleus, a digital collection of information for Physics students, has a comprehensive listing of research experiences for undergraduate students in Physics. Many of these opportunities are open to freshman and sophomores. Check out this link for more information.

The Nucleus is maintained by the National Society of Physics


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Columbia Crew Memorial Scholarships

These scholarships are intended to recognize high-quality students and encourage their consideration of graduate studies in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields which will ultimately lead to careers in STEM related fields. For more information, you can view the flier by clicking here. Apply online at Application due date is March 21, 2014



ACCHaoSStudents at Starry Skies Astro Camp take a look at ACCHaoS's science activities

What is ACCHaoS? Check out our website at!

Coming soon to a school (or a Star Party!) near you.....



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Society of Physics Students

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