Areas of Study Advising

Walk-in advising is available at every campus and online through August 24.

In-person Walk-in Advising:
Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Virtual Walk-in Advising:
Monday - Friday: 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Area of Study academic guidance teams consist of, Advisors, Success Coaches, and Completion Counselors, they will help you stay on track for your program, select your classes, and make decisions about your educational and career goals. As a student of ACC you will be assigned an area of study guidance team member based on your declared program. Find your area of study contacts below.

Who's my Advisor?

Students are assigned an Academic Guidance Team member (Advisor, Success Coach, or Completion Counselor).
Find my Advisor

Academic Guidance Team

Academic guidance team members are able to support students by appointment in person or online. Email or call ahead to schedule an appointment.

  • Area of Study, Advising Specialist
    • Provide academic advising and related referrals to student support services through a case management approach to facilitate academic success.
  • Success Coaches
    • Provide comprehensive case management with a focus on retention and graduation, which includes academic advising coaching and referrals to student support services in order to facilitate student success. 
  • Completion Counselors
    • Academic Completion Counselors specialize in providing personalized academic counseling and advising to create individualized action plans to promote progress towards graduation, transfer, and workforce goals to students with 45 or more credit hours.
  • On-campus Academic Guidance Requests

Maximize Your Area of Study Advising Session

Tips that will make the most of your visit with your academic guide:

  • 1. Be Prepared
      • Check Self Service to make sure your program is correct. If it isn’t, your area of study specialist will help you update it during your session.
      • Think about your educational and career goals.
      • Use the Pre-Advising Worksheet to be prepared and organized for your session
      • Program Maps
  • 2. Participate in the session
      • Share important information to help with educational planning.
      • Take notes - have a pen and paper to write down the answers to your questions.
      • Be sure to ask follow-up questions or ask for clarification on things that are unclear or confusing.
  • 3. Plan your next visit
      • Recap your understanding of the advice you have received.
      • Book your next appointment with your advisor.

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