ACC Logo Technical Requirements

The logo should be in its entirety The logo includes both the star emblem and the name of the college, in the typeface shown below, used in the specified colors. The two elements are inseparable and unalterable. No additional elements may be added. The star should never be used on its own; nor should the name of the college be shown in the typeface and configuration of the logo without the star. In addition it is not permissible to change the typeface of the logo or alter the proportion or composition of the logo in any way.

See Logo Usage for Print and Web
2a. If the application you are working on does not lend itself to either the official logo or the "ACC" versions shown above in 2b., the name of the College may be used to identify Austin Community College. The font used must be Fritz Quadrata, in all caps. The acceptable version Ex:

There are 2 alternatives (horizontal and vertical) to use the logo for signage or merchandising. The alternatives of the logo include both the star emblem and the initial capitals in the college's name (ACC) in the typeface shown below. The two elements are inseparable and unalterable. No additional elements may be added. Use of these versions of the logo must be approved on a case-by-case basis by the Office of Communications & Marketing.

Vertical Logo Option

Horizontal Logo Option

The size of the logo can vary, but this must be done while maintaining the proportions between the logo's star and type elements. In any instance, the minimum size of the official logo can be no smaller than 3/4 of an inch by 1 3/16 inches (business card size), 3/4 of an inch by 5/8 inches (horizontal version) and 5/16 of an inch by 1 inch (vertical version).

Web Sizes Use the logos found here. Use the logo in no smaller than the business card logo size (3/4" x 1-3/16"). The graphics inventory provides three sizes of the official logo in color and two sizes of the black and white version.

Spacing When designing printed materials using the logo, consideration must be given to leaving ample blank space around the logo. This is for optimum recognition and readability. No other graphic or typography should be placed proportionally closer to the logo than the height of the initial capitals in the "A" or "C" of college's name.

The blank space around the alternative logos should be the the height of the green triangle of the star.

Placement on the printed page/scale
Placement on a page: 
As a graphic element, the logo should be part of the overall design of a page, to readily identify the College. As such, it should typically appear at the top or bottom of a page.
Scale: Use the logo in appropriate proportion to the rest of the design. Making it too small diminishes the ability to readily identify the College. A logo rendered too large is like shouting. Rule of thumb guidelines:

4" x 9" tri-fold:
 logo should be about 2-1/2" wide. 
8-1/2" x 11" 
single sheet: logo should be no more than 3-1/2" wide. 
11" x 17" poster:
 logo should be no more than 4" wide. 

Logo placement on Web pages

Always in the correct color and size 
Always on the first page of major categories/sites (i.e., LRS, academic departments) 
Use the logo as a link back to ACC Home Page 
Never use the ACC logo or elements of it as a background or watermark .

Colors Four-color Process
In the language of printers, "four-color process" refers to the use of tints/screen combinations of the four color inks used in offset lithography to create all other colors. The colors of the ACC logo, using four-color process, match four colors found in the Pantone Matching System (PMS), plus black. Those colors are:

Because printing presses, ink standards and other related processes vary, please notify the Public Information and College Marketing Department if you are planning to use the logo in its 4- color version.

Web colors 
The Web colors for the logo are based on the RGB color scheme and hexadecimal numbers. Please notify the Public Information and College Relations Department if you are planning to use the logo in its 4- color version.


Hexadecimal numbers 
(needed in HTML Code)


Black and White 
In many instances, we can't afford color printing, or it isn't appropriate. Much of ACC's internal communications use the photocopier. In these instances, both the star and the type should be in solid black. A grayscale version of the color version is not permissible.

Two Colors 
In a two-color application, both the star and the type should be solid color. 
1. The preferred color for the ACC logo in a two-color document 
(i.e., black text and second, accent color) is BLACK.
2. The second color choice is Pantone Blue 280.
3. For all other color choices, contact the Public Information and College Relations Department.

A reverse is used when printing the logo on a dark background and involves “reversing” the colors. Typically this is done by making all or some of the elements white so they stand out against the darker background. A reverse of the ACC logo is permissible under the following conditions: 

Against a solid, dark background (i.e, black or dark blue) the star should be in the official colors (following the PMS guidelines) and the type should be white.

Against a photograph both the star and type should be in white 

Avoid backgrounds with textures or mid-tones Avoid choosing background colors that clash with the colors of the logo’s star


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