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Catch the Next Project

Catch the Next Dreamcatchers
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CTN Dream Catcher students
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Austin Community College and Catch the Next (CTN) are partners since 2015. CTN is embarking on a partnership with The New Mathways Project (NMP) model in order to increase the number of educationally disadvantaged students who complete their Developmental Education sequence and transfer into credit bearing courses.

What happens in the program?

You receive academic support throughout your college career until you earn an associate degree and transfer to a four-year university.

In the first semester, you take the following courses:

  • Developmental Reading/Writing (DEVW 0130), paired with English Composition I (ENGL 1301)
  • Effective Learning: Strategies for College Success (EDUC 1300)
  • Developing Mathematical Thinking (MATD 0485)​

In addition, you will:

  • Receive one-on-one mentoring with community leaders, professors, and counselors.
  • Connect with students who share similar interests and goals.
  • Participate in classes and college activities that have a multicultural emphasis.
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