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Tuition Payment Plans

ACC offers the option to set up a payment plan that divides your tuition bill into payments.  You can log in to your account in Online Services or visit any campus Cashier Office to set up a payment plan.

Please find Payment Plan Deadlines here.

Using financial aid with payment plans

For students who will receive financial aid that is less than the total tuition cost, a payment plan option is available. The payment plan must be set up at a campus cashier office. Financial aid cannot be used as a down payment but the pending financial aid you have accepted can be used to reduce the total tuition cost due. The remaining balance can then be set up on a payment plan. Example: Fall tuition $2,000 – pending financial aid $500 …. $2,000-$500=$1,500. Down payment will be $500 ($1,500/3). Installments will be adjusted when the financial aid is applied to your student account.

Schedule changes & plan adjustments

If you add or drop classes, we recalculate what you owe and reflect the changes in your future installments. Check your ACCmail for notice of the new installment amounts.

Late payments and failure to pay

You are responsible to make payments by the tuition payment plan deadlines.

If you fail to pay before the deadline:

  • There is a $20 fee for each late payment.
  • A student hold is placed on your record until the debt is paid.

Unpaid payment plan accounts may be sent to an outside collection agency. If this occurs, you are responsible for any collection costs and attorney’s fees associated with the collection of your account.

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