Campus Security Authorities

ACC encourages all members of the campus community to report crime. Under the Clery Act, a crime is "reported" when it is brought to the attention of ACC District Police, a local police department, or a Campus Security Authority (CSA) by a victim, witness, other third party, or even the offender.

  • Who is a Campus Security Authority?
    • Campus Security Authority is a Clery-specific term that encompasses the groups below:

      • All ACC District Police department members
      • Any other individual who has responsibility for campus security (e.g., an individual who provides security at a campus parking kiosk, monitors access into a campus facility, and/or acts as invitation-only event security)
      • Anyone involved in disciplinary proceedings (e.g. Supervisors, Managers, District Title IX Officer, Student Affairs Deans, VP of Human Resources)
      • An ACC official who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities. An official is defined as any person who has the authority and the duty to take action or respond to particular issues on behalf of the institution.

      Other examples of CSAs (not a complete list):

      • Learning Lab, ACCelerator staff, others who check IDs and control admittance
      • Student Affairs professionals
      • Student Life professionals
      • Faculty/Staff who supervise student employees or interns
      • Faculty/Staff Advisors to student groups
      • Faculty/Staff leaders of student travel
      • Supervisors and Managers

      Individuals who do not meet the CSA criteria:

      • Licensed Professional Counselors, when working in their counseling roles,
      • Faculty members who do not have any responsibility for student and campus activities beyond the classroom; and
      • Clerical staff

A campus security authority has a legal responsibility to contact ACC District Police upon receipt of a report of crime or alleged crime. The campus security authority also has a responsibility to assist the victim/survivor by connecting them with the Student Affairs or Human Resources Departments.

Resources for Campus Security Authorities

You have three options to make a CSA report.

  1. IN AN EMERGENCY dial 911. ACC District Police will be informed.
  2. Report directly to ACC District Police by dialing 512-223-1231 or visiting any campus police office.
  3. Report to the Clery Compliance Officer using the CSA report form. In the event of a VAWA crime (domestic violence, dating violence, stalking) or sexual assault (rape, fondling, incest, or statutory rape), you must also report to or complete the Sexual Misconduct report form

Download the Clery Crimes Guide

Review ACC's Clery Geography

Emergency Information for Immediate Assistance and Victim Resources

Online Training: Clery Overview (for the general population) and Campus Security Authority (supplemental training for CSAs)

Fill out the CSA identification form or contact ACC's Clery Compliance Officer if you think you are a CSA. Email Kristine Elderkin or to be added to the list.