Interdisciplinary Studies

Develop critical and creative thinking skills through Austin Community College’s Interdisciplinary Studies Program. Experience faculty help you understand how art, culture, politics, religion, the sciences, and technology intersect. Five diverse degree plans are available -- African and African Diaspora Studies, American Studies, Mexican American Studies, Global Studies, and Peace and Conflict Studies. An Interdisciplinary Studies Associate of Arts degree provides students with a transfer pathway to a four-year college or university. 

  • African and African Diaspora Studies. This program immerses students in the rich legacy of Africa and the African Diaspora on history, language, the arts, and the economy. It provides insight into the variety of communities and experience of the African diaspora in America.
  • Mexican American Studies.  The Mexican American Studies program provides an in-depth education in history, art, literature, language, and politics of Mexican American/Chicano culture. Students learn about the profound impact Mexican American culture has had on the U.S.
  • American Studies. The American Studies concentration provides students with a course of study in the history of the United States. Students will gain an understanding of the U.S.’s political, economic, and cultural framework and how that has ramifications for all citizens and the world.
  • Global Studies. The aim of the Global Studies program is to provide students with a global perspective. Coursework focuses on the complexity and interdependence of the global community.
  • Peace and Conflict Studies. The goal of the Peace and Conflict Studies program is to provide students with skills to understand the source of conflict and focus on reducing violence within communities and globally.

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African and African Diaspora Studies
American Studies
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