Early College High School

Finish a College Degree in High School

Austin Community College's Early College High School (ECHS) Program enables qualified, motivated high school students to earn an associate degree (or up to 60 college credits) while earning their high school diplomas.

Where are classes held & who teaches them?

Students take almost all of their college courses on ACC campuses in mixed classrooms with traditional college students. All Early College High School courses are taught by qualified ACC faculty.

Participating high schools include:

Do my credits transfer?

ACC credits are transferable to most Texas public college and universities. It’s important to verify course transferability with your four-year institution.

What's the cost?

Free. Tuition, textbooks, transportation and other fees are covered by Austin Community College and partnering School District.

$12,000 = average saved in tuition and fees by an ACC Early College High School student.

Get Started

HS Programs Enrollment Guidebook (PDF)