Texas Residency Documentation

If the Admissions and Records Office requests proof of Texas residency, you must submit one document from List A and one document from List B. Additional documentation may be required to determine proof of domicile.  These document are required support proof you established a Texas domicile and maintained Texas residency (physical presence) for at least 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the census date of the term in which you enroll.

List A - Document proof of domicile

Submit one document from the list below to support establishment of domicile in Texas. You also need one document from List B.

  • Employer-provided employment verification, proof of self-employment or living off earnings statement, with supporting bank statements (must show student's Texas address.)
  • Ownership in real property sole or joint.
  • Marriage to a person who has established and maintained domicile in Texas.
  • Ownership in a Business in part or whole in Texas.

List B - Document proof of physical residency

Submit one document from the list below to support physical presence for 12 consecutive months in Texas. You also need one document from List A. Additional documents may be required to support a claim for Texas resident status. 

  • Utility bills in name of the person.
  • Texas high school transcript.
  • Transcript from a Texas institution.
  • Texas driver’s license or Texas ID card showing origination date.
  • Texas voter registration card showing origination date.
  • Pay stubs.
  • Bank statements.
  • Written statements from one or more social service agencies.
  • Lease or rental of residential real property in the name of the person.

Additional documentation

The following documents may lend support to clarify domicile or physical presence in Texas.

  • Tax returns for most recent tax year.
  • Visa, passport, or other pertinent immigration documents.
  • Leave and Earnings Statement (LES).
  • License to conduct business in Texas.