Advisory Council Nominations

Nominate an ACC Alumni Network Advisory Council Board Candidate

Thank you for your interest in the Alumni Network Advisory Council Advisory Alumni Board. The Austin Community College Alumni Network fosters and maintains the spirit and devotion of alumni in an effort to promote the reputation and growth of the College. The Association provides an opportunity for alumni to serve as partners in guiding the direction of the College, and in working to increase its resources through a variety of committees and activities.

Network members select a group of alumni volunteers to an advisory Alumni Council on an annual basis. If you are interested in serving as a board member and would like more information, please contact the Alumni Director, Mary Ann Cicala.  You can also fill out this form to nominate yourself or a former Austin Community College student.

Nominate Here

The ANAC consists of 15 members who serve in two-year terms. The slate of officers will be voted during the Summer Meeting each year and the terms begin on September 1 with an option for subsequent two-year term with nominating committee approval.

Selection Criteria

The ANAC seeks candidates who demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Passionate about ACC
  • Strong track record of leadership experience
  • Commitment to building connections in their communities
  • Collaborative, energetic spirit


To be eligible for nomination, a candidate

  • must have earned an associate degree or certificate, or completed at least 20 credit hours at ACC;
  • cannot previously have served three full terms on the ANAC Board;
  • must commit to attending meetings in person twice a year in Austin and to participating on committees and full boardcalls throughout the year;
  • should have a history of leadership, service to the ACC, and the ability to collaborate;
  • should be willing to serve as an ambassador for the Alumni Network in his or her community; and
  • may be from any geographic location or academic program.