Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Center

Changing the Racial Narrative Together

Welcome to the Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Campus Center (TRHT) at ACC, a partnership with our community to build cross-racial relationships that lead to racial healing and an exploration of ways to transform the college and community for greater inclusion and equity.

ACC is one of ten universities nationwide to be named a campus center in a multi-year initiative to educate, prepare, and inspire the next generation of leaders to break down racial hierarchies. Together, we are changing the racial narrative in Central Texas.


To create and distribute new complex and complete narratives that can influence people’s perspectives, perceptions, and behaviors about and toward one another.

Racial Healing

To heal a societal racial divide requires recognition of the need to acknowledge the wrongs of the past while addressing the consequences of those wrongs.


To embrace racial healing and uproot the conscious and unconscious belief in a hierarchy of human value that limits equal access to education, employment, housing, and health care.