Steering Committee

A steering committee representing various ACC departments and constituencies met to discuss the vision for the ACC Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Campus Center. The steering committee will work to ensure the TRHT Campus Center reflects local needs and interests. Members of the steering committee are:

Name Title Company or Organization
Angela-Jo Touza Medina    
Angela Ward    
Arnold Bellow    
Chas Moore    
Chelsea Biggerstaff    
Chris Cervini    
Christopher Kennedy    
Clarence Watson    
Courtney Robinson    
Eva Rios-Lleverino    
Emanuel Limuel    
Emilio Zamora    
Frank Reid    
Gabriel Estrada    
Heather Elias    
Helen Dailey    
James Puglisi    
Jon Olson    
Kathryn Dalrymple    
Kathryn Lessley    
Kelly Crook    
Kenneth Thompson    
Khotan Shabazi-Harmon    
Laura Donnelly    
Lauren Juniper Ross    
Loretta Edelen    
Marina Bhargava    
Martha Koock Ward    
Mohammed Elghoul    
Nong Xiong    
Patricia Scott    
Raul Alvarez    
Rocio Villalobos    
Samuel Echevarria-Cruz    
Samuel Yamthe    
Shane Whalley    
Shasta Buchanan    
Sherwynn Patton    
Shirin Khosropour    
Jessica “Skye” Howell    
Suki Steinhauser    
Susan Thomason    
Teresa Ashley    
Terry Barksdale    
Troy Gay    

Meeting Schedule

Date Time Location
 Sept.19  11:00- 1:00  HTU 
 Oct. 3  11:00-1:00  ACC
 Nov. 14  11:00-1:00  SEU
 Dec. 5 11:00-1:00   Willie Mae Kirk Library
 Jan. 16 11:00-1:00   Asian American Resource Center
 Feb. 20  11:00-1:00   Del Valle ISD
March 13 11:00-1:00  Asian Cultural Center
April 17 11:00-1:00  Mexican American Cultural Center
May 8 11:00-1:00  ACC
June 5 11:00-1:00  HTU