Accommodation for Medical Necessity Guidelines

Austin Community College currently requires students to wear face masks on all ACC campuses/facilities in all indoor public spaces. This includes but is not limited to classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, libraries, Accelerators, learning labs, testing centers, and common spaces.

If a student wishes to request an accommodation due to medical necessity, the student will need to submit documentation, on letterhead from the treating physician, including the name, qualifications, and contact information of the treating physician, and include:

  • How a mask would impact the student’s health or
  • How it inhibits the student’s learning, or
  • State why a face mask accommodation is medically necessary for the student.

The Medical Necessity Exemption is ONLY valid for on-campus ACC classes, therefore if you are a student taking a class or clinical at other locations (i.e.: Health Care Facilities) the exemption will not be valid at that location due to affiliation agreements.


  1. The student will complete the Request for Accommodation for Medical Necessity Form (which requires submission of documentation) that can be located on the ACC Coronavirus and the Student Accessibility Services web pages. Note: submission of the request does not guarantee approval of mask accommodation.
  2. The medical necessity accommodation committee will review the request and make a determination. The student will be notified at their ACC email address of the determination within five (5) business days.
  3. If approved, the student must agree to be tested weekly for COVID-19 at a Texas COVID-19 Test SitesCurative On-Site ACC Testing, or by scheduling with an ACC Health Safety Liaison. If the student tests positive while on campus, they must leave the building and Self Report. Health Safety Liaison COVID-19 Rapid test compliance results will be maintained on a password-protected log. The medical necessity accommodation team and Health Safety Liaison will have access to the password-protected log.     
  4. Communication:
    1.  The Department Chair, Dean, and faculty members will receive verification via email stating:"Student name ACC eID has been approved by the college administration of mask accommodation for Fall 2021 semester."
    2. Faculty should respond to students who are questioning why the student is not wearing a mask with:"The student has been approved by the college administration."
  5. The accommodation for medical necessity is only valid for the semester in which the student applied.
  6. Requests for accommodation for medical necessity must be submitted each semester.
  7. The decision of the committee will be final and there is no appeal process.

The Accommodation for Medical Necessity Committee is composed of the following interdisciplinary ACC team members and will meet once a week to review any mask exemption requests.

  • Dr. Nina Almasy, Dean, Health Sciences
  • Steve Christopher, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Accessibility & Social Support Resources
  • Dr. Michael Garcia, Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs
  • Dr. Ruth Reinhart, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Support Services