Learning Lab Materials & Resources for Faculty

Materials & Resources

Learning Lab materials and resources include:

  • Current Textbooks for tutor use in helping students understand course concepts
  • Solutions Manuals in Accounting for student use and in Mathematics for tutor use only
  • Standard Reference Books (dictionaries, thesauri, bilingual dictionaries)
  • Specialized Reference Books

Materials for Student Use within the Labs

  • Online TSI assessment materials
  • Outdated texts for current classes 
  • Novels and special interest books for Developmental Reading students

Other resources available in the Lab

  • Graphing Calculators
  • Online audio resources for ESL, Foreign Languages, vocabulary, and phonics
  • A series of tip sheets on study skills and other academic skills
  • Numerous handouts
  • Professional journals and publications

Facilities and Technology Resources

Software Resources

The Learning Labs welcome faculty and students to use the software available in our facilities. Our computer labs can accommodate individual students and/or entire classes. In addition, students requiring special accommodations may find various adaptive hardware and software in our computer labs. 
The Learning Labs offer an extensive collection of software covering many subject areas. Computer tutorials related to reading, writing, mathematics, chemistry and more are available at each lab. We also have software to accompany many of the texts currently used in a number of ACC courses.   
One such program is SkillsTutor, a skills-driven web-based package that encompasses reading, writing, and math and has excellent critical thinking lessons integrated into these content areas. 
If you wish to send students to work in a specific area of a program, or if you want to preview any of our software that may complement your curriculum, please contact the lab managers.  We welcome your suggestions and comments and we look forward to collaborating with you, in support of students’ academic success.