Chancellor’s 2020-21 Priorities

Austin Community College District is focused on student success. Our work to create an extraordinary learning experience and improve completion rates for our students is guided by the ACC Strategic Plan. The Chancellor’s 2020-21 priorities are designed to align collegewide efforts on a cohesive path to achieve our Strategic Plan Goals.

Our Priorities

  • 1. Reduce Equity Gaps
    • Reduce equity gaps in student access and success by increasing diversity and strengthening student programming and training for faculty and staff.

      • Establish an Equity Council to oversee the equity and inclusion efforts within the college.
      • Strengths and Cultural Proficiency training for staff and faculty to achieve equity in student success and hiring decisions.
      • Open the Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Campus Center (TRHT).
      • Establish a Strategic Enrollment Plan focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • 2. Modernize ACC’s Technology Resources
    • Modernize ACC’s technology resources to enhance the student experience and ensure employees have adequate resources to effectively do their jobs.

      • Creation of a data hub to enable data sharing and system integration leading to increased visibility, collaboration, and targeted efforts to improve student outcomes and operational efficiency.
      • Implement the Human Resources and Finance modules of the Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) and plan for Student Information System modules.
      • Implement Salesforce Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) platform, including a new student application solution to ease student entry into ACC.
  • 3. Provide an Exceptional Online Education
    • Provide an exceptional online education that is accessible for all students by expanding the scale and quality of ACC Online — Virtual College of the Future.

      • Close the “digital divide” with increased support for online students and ensure all face-to-face (F2F) programs include online or hybrid options.
      • Expand ongoing professional development for faculty and staff for online instruction and services and ensure all online courses meet Quality Matters criteria.
      • Ensure equitable access for all students enrolled in online programs and courses.
  • 4. Help Central Texans Get Back to Work
    • Help central Texans get back to work by enhancing student opportunities for job entry and career progress.

      • Grow short-term credential programs, improve measurement of equitable student outcomes, and expand into articulated career pathways.
      • Expand enrollment in bachelor’s degree programs and obtain state approval for 3rd
      • Expand the ACC Career Scholars Program to increase access, achieve student success milestones, and secure long-term sustainability.
  • 5. Increase Course Success Rates
    • Increase course success rates by promoting innovation in teaching and learning.

      • Incorporate high-impact practices into all programs.
      • Implement proactive student success solutions to increase persistence such as an Early Alert program.
      • Expand program partnerships and student transfer opportunities with K-12 school districts and universities.
  • 6. Foster a Safe Physical and Cultural Environment
    • Foster a safe physical and cultural environment in which students and employees can thrive.

      • Safely reopen ACC facilities as needed to support student enrollment, persistence, and completion.
      • Build a supportive culture of collaboration, connection, and caring in a manner that improves internal communications and transparency and increases employee and student satisfaction with college operations.

Strategic Plan + Priorities

The Chancellor's priorities are designed to make the most progress toward achieving ACC's Strategic Plan goals.

Strategic Plan + Priorities