How to Use ACC's Bulk Mail & Postage System

The college has a bulk mail permit. This means that some periodicals and marketing materials being mailed through the U.S. Postal Service are eligible for nonprofit postage privileges.


Follow these steps to ensure you receive the nonprofit rate when mailing your printed piece.

  1. Request postage estimate
    1. Once you have selected a print vendor to work with be sure to let them know that you plan to mail the piece and that you will be using the college's bulk mail permit.
    2. The print vendor should provide a postage estimate based on the size and weight of the piece, taking into account the nonprofit pricing.
  2. OCMreviewandapproval
    1. The Office of College Relations & Marketing (OCRM) will need to review the piece to ensure it meets brand standards and that the piece qualifies to be mailed using the bulk mail permit.
    2. OnceOCMhasapprovedthepiece,thebulkmail permit number will be provided to the print vendor to be included on the mail piece.
  3. SubmitPRforpostage
    1. You will need to create a purchase request using the postage estimate from the print vendor. This is separate from the print estimate as the funds are paid to the post office, not the print vendor.
    2. Purchasing will provide a check for the senior mail clerk to deposit at the post office, under the college's bulk mail permit.
  4. Alert senior mail clerk
    1. Inform the senior mail clerk that you have a piece to be mailed out and include how many pieces there are and when they are scheduled to be mailed.
    2. The senior mail clerk will pick up the check from the Cashiers Office, take it to the post office, and authorize the charge to the college's bulk mail permit.
      Please note: If deposit is NOT received by the post office, the mail pieces will be rejected.

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