Web content editing guide

Getting started

This guide covers how to edit web pages using the Drupal content management system.

A Drupal web page is made up of several text fields that include the title, subtitle, body, right sidebar (sometimes called "auxiliary information"), and message field. The body field makes up the majority of the page. The body, right sidebar, and message fields use a wysiwyg editor that allows you to format text. The wysiwyg editor helps editors add content to pages without having to write html. 

To edit a web page, navigate to the page you want to edit. If you have permission to edit the page you'll see "view" and “edit” tabs. Click the edit tab to edit the page.

A test page has been created here: https://www.austincc.edu/test/page-edit. Please use this page to familiarize yourself with the editor and how the different fields are displayed on the page.