Pinnacle Campus Fire Alarm Response

Pinnacle Campus fire alarms will activate audio-visual notification devices on the floor where smoke is detected. Fire alarms also will activate on the floors directly above and below the affected floor. All floors may not require evacuation.

When the alarm activates on your floor:

  1. Exit the building using the fireproof stairwells at the north or south ends of the building.
  2. Once outside, move to the Evacuation Rally Point.
  3. DO NOT attempt to move your vehicle.
  4. Wait for the signal to re-enter the building.

When the alarm activates elsewhere in the building:

  1. Prepare to evacuate in case it becomes necessary.
  2. Stay alert for audio-visual notification on your floor.

Unable to use the stairs?

Move to the Area of Rescue Assistance near the stairs so emergency responders will be alerted to assist you during an evacuation.

Download the poster here.