Zero Waste

Austin Community College District has set the goal of becoming a Zero Waste by 2040.  Zero Waste is at least 90% diversion from landfills by reducing the amount of materials discarded through recycling, composting, and reducing the amount of waste generated.  Wondering what goes in which bin?  Try out our new Sort Things Out Tool! 

Looking to make your office, break room or event Zero Waste?  Check out our approved supply lists below:

Making a college purchase?  Review our Sustainable Purchasing Training before making your purchase.

Eco Bag


Be fashionable and eco-friendly with the 2022 ACC Eco Bag designed by Eco Bag Student Design Competition Winner, Elizabeth Arteaga.  Because 2020 and 2021 bags were not for sale due to the pandemic, we will be selling both bags this year as well. Please fill out the Eco Bag Order Form to purchase your bags!  To see past year's winning designs click here

Stay tuned for the next ACC Student Eco Bag Art Contest!  Win a Kindle and your design printed on a reusable bag sold on the ACC website for one year.  Must be a current ACC student to enter.  ACC Eco Bag Art Contest FAQs. 

Ordering for your ACC Department? Contact before ordering to purchase tax-free. 

Zero Waste Events

ACC's Office of Energy & Sustainability can help make any campus event Zero Waste.  Fill out the Zero Waste Event Request Form to tell us more about your event, connect with our staff, and receive guidance on how to coordinate a Zero Waste event.  The process is easy:

  1. Fill out the Zero Waste Event Form - Our staff will send you the Zero Waste Event Guide.
  2. Order compostable supplies for your event, choose from our Zero Waste Event Materials List, or contact your food vendor for compostable packaging options. 
  3. Contact your food vendor to choose green packaging/food options or send us their contact info and we will reach out directly.
  4. We recruit volunteers for your event.
  5. On the day of the event we arrive with compost bins and educational signage - we will monitor waste stations and educate users about where to put items.
  6. After the event, we will send information on your event diversion rate along with photos!

ACC Surplus Free Store

Austin Community College's Office of Energy and Sustainability collects surplus office supplies, furniture, and equipment from across the district to offer for ACC Faculty and Staff reuse.  Visit the ACC Surplus Free Store to order items for your department or office!

Looking to purchase new office supplies?  Choose from our environmentally-friendly Office Supply List.

If you have office supplies to donate, please intercampus mail them to Sustainability at SVC.

Rechargeable Battery Program

In June 2022, ACC launched a Rechargeable Battery Program.  This program is designed to eliminate the purchasing of single-use batteries across the district.  Any ACC staff or faculty can order a Battery Charger and Rechargeable Batteries through and paid by ACC's Office of Energy & Sustainability.  Complete the Rechargeable Battery Program Form to order yours today!

Reusable Aluminum QR Business Cards

ACC's Office of Energy & Sustainability has partnered with ACC's IMPACT Lab and Office of College Relations & Marketing to offer custom aluminum QR business cards to ACC faculty and staff. These cards are reusable, recyclable, and eliminate single-use paper business cards that are often thrown away*.  The cards allow smartphone users to scan a QR Code that imports your contact information directly into their contacts (Apple & Android compatible).  Click this link to order cards for your department!

*All business cards are made from Alcoa aluminum and include a percentage of recycled aluminium. All scrap and waste produced during the card's stamping and manufacturing process is recycled. All manufacturing is done within the United States and ACC's IMPACT Lab conducts the engraving process.


Recycling in the United States can divert more than 60 million tons of waste away from landfills every year. That amounts to about 32 percent of all of our garbage. Do your part by dropping recyclable items in the blue bins on campus.

ACC is improving recycling campus-by-campus. Learn more about ACC's Recycling Improvement Program.

Please rinse food waste off before recycling any of the following.

  • -Aluminum, steel, tin cans, and foil
  • -Plastic utensils, foodware, straws, cups, bottles, and caps
  • -Glass bottles and jars
  • -Paper cups, carton, and bags
  • -Phone books, magazines, newspaper, office paper, and pamphlets
  • -Flattened cardboard boxes

*We do not recycle plastic bags.  Please bring your plastic bags to your local grocery store to recycle.

Marker & Pen Recycling

ACC offers recycling for used markers, pens, and pencils across the district.  These are collected in a Marker Recycling Container in each ACC campus building.

The Marker & Pen Recycling pilot was first launched at Highland Campus in 2018.  The Office of Energy & Sustainability expanded Marker & Pen Recycling across the District during Earth Week 2019.  Each ACC Campus now offers one Marker & Pen Recycling collection container per building.  Ask your Campus Manager where to find your nearest collection container.

Styrofoam Recycling

Styrofoam packing cube recycling is available at all campuses in Styrofoam Collection Bags. *Please DO NOT put packing peanuts, food containers, plastic bags, or spongy foam (LDPE #4) in the mesh collection bags.  Please ask your campus administration to direct you to the collection point or find your campus' Styrofoam Recycling Map on the side bar of this webpage.

Electronic Waste

ACC offers recycling for old, no longer functioning electronics.  Contact Campus Management to locate your building’s collection point.

Toner Recycling

ACC offers printer toner recycling across the district.  Contact Campus Management to drop your used toner cartridges or send them to ACC’s Warehouse (clearly labeled) for recycling.

Fabric Recycling

ACC's FashionIncubator saves fabric scraps from their daily operations for recycling.  These fabric scraps are sorted and sent to a third party for recycling and reuse as wiping rags.


ACC has implemented Paper Towel Composting in restrooms across the district (coming soon to Elgin Campus).  Please put paper towels only in the marked bins, and NO food waste, recycling, or landfill waste.

Food Composting 

ACC is phasing in food composting in some locations across the district.  In order to abide by the City of Austin's Universal Recycling Ordinance and reduce the amount of waste ACC sends to landfills, ACC's cafe kitchens now compost food waste.

Eastview Campus' Culinary Arts Department diverts all compostable waste (inedible food from preparation and unfinished dishes) to compost bins within their kitchens.  Eastview's Children's Lab School also teaches composting at a young age, providing bins for food waste and paper towels.

Looking for somewhere to compost your food waste on campus?  We currently have food composting available at the following locations:

Cypress Creek Campus
     Building 1000
          Student Life Lounge 1121 [8am-5pm Mon-Fri, Sign in Required]

Eastview Campus
     Building 2000
          Student Life Lounge 2158 [8am-5pm Mon-Fri, Sign in Required]

Highland Campus
     Building 1000
          Break Room 2309 [Student Affairs Dept] - Employee Only
          Student Life Lounge 2350 [8am-5pm Mon-Fri, Sign in Required]
     Building 4000
          Break Room 2110.13 [Arts & Digital Media Dept] - Employee Only
          Break Room 2390 [District Police] - Employee Only

Rio Grande Campus
     Building 1000
          Student Life Lounge 1009 [8am-5pm Mon-Fri, Sign in Required]
     Building 3000
          Break Room 3255
          Break Room 3349

Round Rock Campus
     Building 1000
          Break Room 1204.28 [Faculty Offices] - Employee Only
     Building 2000
          Student Life Lounge 2117 [8am-5pm Mon-Fri, Sign in Required]
          Break Room 2330.14 [Learning Lab] - Employee Only

San Gabriel Campus
          Break Room 118.07 [Campus Management] - Employee Only
          Student Life Lounge 128 [8am-5pm Mon-Fri, Sign in Required]

Service Center
          Break Room 137
          Break Room 162

South Austin Campus
          Student Life Lounge 1121 [8am-5pm Mon-Fri, Sign in Required]
          Break Room 1140.3 [Campus Management] - Employee Only

Green Fountains

ACC has installed Green Fountains on all campuses to decrease the number of single-use water bottles.  Each fountain displays how many plastic bottles have been kept out of the landfill since its installation.  To find the Green Fountains on your campus, check out the Green Fountain Maps below: