1. Brainstorming and Planning

  • Identify the kind of project you want to create.
  • Contact the Vice President, Institutional Planning, Development, & Evaluation to discuss your project and identify funders.
  • Once a funder is identified, the Associate Vice President, Academic Planning, Development, & Evaluation will assign a Resource Development Officer to help you develop your project.

2. Project Development

  • Resource Development Officer will contact you.
  • You will work closely with your Resource Development Officer until the project and budget are complete.
  • Planning meetings can take place over a course of days, weeks, or even up to a year, depending on the complexity of the proposal.

3. Grant Submittal

  • Your Resource Development Officer will submit the completed proposal and budget for a series of internal approvals including Record to Report (R2R) staff; Provost's office, and the President's office for final review and approval.
  • Once all approvals are secured, your grant will be submitted to the funding agency.

4. Grant Award and Management

  • Awards can take several weeks or months. Oftentimes, the application will specify award dates.
  • Once an award has been announced, the Grant Compliance Officer will setup a Grant Kickoff Meeting to discuss reporting due dates, project deliverables, hiring staff and/or evaluators, and any other grant-related tasks.
  • Before any grant funds can be spent, you will be directed to Record to Report (R2R) staff for guidance with implementing your project budget.