Professional Development

ACC offers ALL employees the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge by offering various professional opportunities. Some of the workshops can be taken during your work hours, while others may need to be taken on your own time.

Go to the Professional Development website where you will find online and in-class courses in areas such as, technology, career preparation skills, etc.

Employee Performance Evaluation (PEP)

As part of your annual performance review, you and your supervisor should list professional development activities to focus upon during the upcoming year. These professional development discussions can give you a time each year for you to evaluate your career path goals and plans.

Computer Skills Training

Each job description at ACC identifies the computer skills a person should have to be successful for a particular position.

To identify the training or enhanced training you should consider, review Key Job Requirements. Courses may be offered through Professional Development and/or Continuing Education.

Educational Advancement Program

You may want to consider pursuing a degree at ACC or another college and/or university by taking advantage of one of the programs offered through the Educational Advancement Program.