Discounts and Educational Partners

Austin Community College has many partnerships with colleges that offer discounts to our employees who are pursuing their educational goals. Make sure to visit this page for updates as we acquire new partnerships with various institutions both local and national.


PelotonU is an Austin non-profit providing an accelerated and debt-free pathway for working adults to earn their college degree (ASSOCIATES & BACHELORS). PelotonU combines online programs with in-person coaching to ensure working adults get the flexibility and support they need to graduate on time. ACC employees qualify for a 10% discount on tuition toward fully accredited degrees. Classes start every month! Sign up at or call or text us at 512-553-2338 to learn more.


Concordia University (BACHELORS)

$50 off per credit hour; Scholarship Opportunity


Chamberlain College of Nursing (BACHELORS/MASTERS/DOCTORATE)
10% Discount


10% Discount


10% Discount


5% Discount


National American University (MASTERS/DOCTORATE)
ACC Employee Scholarship Opportunity (PDF)


Ferris State Community College Leadership (DOCTORATE)