Riverbats Employee Excellence Award

Level II

Riverbats EXCELLENCE Award — Employees that received the Level I recognition will automatically become eligible for the Level II award. One employee from each campus, per semester will be selected. A committee will review the nominations submitted from the Riverbats Bravo Awardees, and select the one employee that exemplifies teamwork, noteworthy customer service, good morale-building, excellent integrity and high quality results.

  • One employee from each campus selected per semester
  1. Recognition in department and college wide
  2. Certificate from the president
  3. Four (4) hours of administrative leave with pay (approved by supervisor)
  4. Designated parking space for one quarter (3 mos.)
  • Eligible for Riverbats EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR Award

Thank you for using the Riverbats Bravo Awards Program to formally recognize valuable employees in the ACC Community. Nominate an employee by completing the online form