Design Services and Digital Productivity Training

Do you have an Active Linked In Learning license yet? Get Started by visiting our collection of Remote Working resources on Linked In Learning here


The Staff Professional Development and Evaluations Office is committed to providing employees opportunities to develop mindsets, develop teams and maintain digital productivity (technology) skills through human-centered design and designer led facilitation techniques.

We offer a variety of customized trainings, facilitations, eLearning design (online training), workshops, and video tutorials. These resources will help master leaning into your digital resources at ACC by encouraging teams to work better and produce higher quality output.  Below are a few options to get you started!

Curious about how we can help each other? Send a quick message to our in house learning designer with any questions you may have.

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ACC Tech Talks

To lessen the knowledge gap between ACC Applications and Google Enterprise Edu Suite apps, formerly Offices of HR and IT developed a mini video training to help employees of the College further their digital skillset. This series has grown to evolve with the demands and needs of the College's employees.

Please visit us online at the following page for video playlists and more!   

Digital Productivity and Skills Coaching (custom trainings, eLearning and Google Training)

Do you need to design online training and deliver to the College staff/employees? Consider collaborating with us! We partner with major stakeholders and consult with you on creating and managing your own professional development /departmental trainings. After observation and consultation input, our design facilitator will help you develop your departmental request by co creating a learning blueprint and prototype for testing and delivery. Coaching and Project Organization included.  
Facilitations/Training includes: digital productivity coaching (Google or gSuite @ ACC), or team trainings.  Send us a message for a consult!

Design Facilitator Services (Creative Leadership for Complex Problem Solving and Change Management)

As the organization changes and experiences growth so do its processes, technologies and resources. Encouraging teams/individual contributers to work better by producing high quality output can seem daunting. We are here to support you and have certified facilitators!  We offer customized facilitation frameworks, co-creation services (design thinking) and human-centered design trainings that help our employees engage and pioneer change. How do we do that? After observation, interviewing users and consultation research, our design facilitator will help you develop your teams learning blueprint, leading to an iterative prototype.
Facilitation workshops include but not limited to, Human Centered Design, Design Thinking (for Non Designers), "SCRUM for non tech teams" and more! We are eager to share, ask us how YOU can do this!
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*NEW* LinkedIn Learning
(Formerly Online Learning Options

LinkedIn Learning (Formerly -- As a fulltime (staffing table) employee at ACC, you have the added benefit of creating a free learning and development account at LinkedIn Learning. Formerly Lynda.comLinkedIn Learning is a on-demand learning experience designed to help you gain new skills and advance your career. As a Full time (staffing table) employee, one of the key benefits is the opportunity for continuous learning and improvement. 

     Getting Started with LinkedIn Learning @ACC (Link) Follow the quick start guide by clicking the link provided. NEW (full time staffing table) employees must have a license provisioned.
      - Sign up for your free LinkedIn Learning account using your ACCemail credentials. Click on the following URL to learn how.
      - Do you have an active license? Login to your account now! (Note: SSO is now activated through OKTA!) 
      - *NEW* Talent management using Linked In Learning Playlists and Reports. This training is exclusive for Team Managers/Assistants or Divisional Supervisors/Administrators. Request your 
         new talent management training here. (DETAILS COMING SOON)

Google Apps at ACC

Our certified Google Trainer designs with your team custom individual and group trainings under "Productivity Coaching". We provide workshops for employees who are novice to advanced Google Users with G Suite at ACC. Request your workshop today!

For individual training check out the following resources:
Google Apps ( external website)
Google Apps (ACC Professional Development Workshop Database internal site)

ACC Applications Training for Internal HR Apps

Workshop and Event Registration application -- find some in person workshops and access mandatory compliance training (online) and other online training opportunities.

Does your role require you to host workshops? Need training on the Workshops and Event Registration application for sub admins? We offer Sub Administrator training for Managers and Administrative Assistants (anyone!) managing workshops enrollment and attendance.

Request sub admin training for the Workshop and Event Registration application by emailing our in house design facilitator at Trainings facilitated virtually. Ask us about details or Schedule your training here


Adobe Acrobat: Forms

Microsoft Office Training

- Office Suite 15 minute webinars
- Take these training courses to get up to speed on the latest applications for your PC. If you have the Office 2013 applications or the Office 365 applications:
Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, OneDrive, Publisher, Visio, Project ( external website) 


General Digital Skills