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The Performance Excellence Program (PEP) Online System (replaced by Workday)

Additional Resources:

  • Up to date - Linked In Learning playlists "Conducting Performance Reviews"
  • EAP (Deer Oaks Employee Assistant Program) Website (
    • Log in and Password: AustinCCD
    • Click on "The Working Tab" and then click on "Effective Manager"
    • On the right hand side you will see the different types of categories you can find information on

A few questions you can ask employees when conducting reviews: (Taken from HR Specialist article, "7 Steps for effective, stress-free performance reviews")

    • What accomplishments are you most pleased about?
    • What do you see as the major responsibilities of your job?
    • What do you consider your strong points?
    • In what areas do you feel you could do a more effective job?
    • What abilities would you like to improve?



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All Classified, Professional-Technical, and Administrator employees must complete the annual Performance Excellence Program (PEP) annually. Our PEP evaluation period begins today, Monday, July 18, 2022, and lasts until Wednesday, August 31, 2022. We will be using the Workday tool to access and complete the evaluation process.

You will be able to access your PEP from the Workday inbox 


The PEP process will follow 4 simple steps for EVERY employee.

1st Step- Self-Evaluation (everyone must complete)

2nd Step- Manager Evaluation 

3rd Step- Employee and Manager will meet and discuss PEP

4th Step- Employee can comment on the evaluation and will sign off on the final version of PEP


Pertinent Information

Compliance Training - All employees should be up to date with their mandatory compliance training- this training can be accessed via the Learning icon in Workday.


    • Cybersecurity

    • Tapestry

    • Groundswell

    • Meridians

Please contact Staff Development and Evaluations if you need assistance registering for the above courses. If you need to print out your professional development transcript from the old database, you can find it here- PD Workshop Database (View Only)

  • Goal Setting & Comments - You will have the opportunity to set goals for FY23. These goals are to be discussed with your supervisor during your PEP meeting. Supervisors can provide commentary on the goals. 

  • Supervisor HOLD TO MEET - Supervisors will ”Submit” their completed version of the evaluation until they have scheduled and met with their employees. You will have to go back and click submit again after you have met with your employee(s). Once the second SUBMIT is clicked, the evaluation is routed to the employee(s) for their review and acknowledgment. 

  • Employee Acknowledgement - Your direct reports will complete the PEP process by signing off on their evaluation. The PEP is not complete until this step is completed. 

  • Open Information Sessions- Staff Professional Development and Evaluations (PDE) will be available weekly for open information sessions to address questions about the new PEP process in Workday. Please see the schedule below. 

  • Resources for “A Successful Evaluation”- PDE has curated LinkedIn training resources to help you and your employees have a successful evaluation. 

  • Exemptions-  If your direct report is on FMLA, has been with your team for 90 days or less or you have been in an ACC supervisory or interim role for 90 days or less, you can be granted an exemption from the PEP evaluation cycle. To be considered for an exemption, please complete this form.

If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Bell, Interim Manager, Staff Professional Development and Evaluations (


PEP Info Sessions





Friday, July 22



9:30 am 


Password: JR1$&rJC
Powerpoint (.PPT)

Monday, August 1



11:00 am

Passcode: 546625

Thursday, August 4



10:00 am

Passcode: 067740

Wednesday, August 10



  1:00 pm

Passcode: 715888

Friday, August 19



1:30 pm

Passcode: 783633

Wednesday, August 24



9:30 am

Passcode: 877883

Monday, August 29



9:00 am

Passcode: 005217

How do I find previous PEP information?

  • Go to the following link
  • Click in the upper right-hand corner where it says Evaluations
  • Use drop-down to find the 2021 evaluation
  • Download the file to desktop for convenience

Please direct any questions about PEP, Performance, Workday Talent and Performance to Prof Dev Manager Nicole Bell,


Upward Evaluation Timeline

Summer Prior

The evaluation process begins during the summer semester with goal-setting. Employees and supervisors will set goals by September for the upcoming semester.


Deadline for completion of goal setting.


Each supervisor should meet privately, but informally, with each employee to discuss progress towards goal achievement and to make any changes or updates needed. Any barriers preventing successful achievement of the goals should be addressed.


Employees fill out the Employee Evaluation of Supervisor Form. This form will be sent directly to the next level supervisor and will be used as feedback on your supervisor’s work performance evaluation.


Supervisors should conduct the annual performance review with employees and complete the Employee Performance Review Form.


All supervisors are evaluated by their next level supervisor using the Employee Performance Review Form. The Employee Evaluation of Supervisor forms that were completed in March should be utilized in assessing the supervisor’s performance.