Adopt Our Pets

Austin Community College is looking for good homes for the animals cared for by the students in the Veterinary Technology program. These dogs and cats have undergone socialization and basic training, been microchipped, and received medical care, including vaccinations and heartworm prevention.

About Our Animals

The animals come from the Bastrop Animal Shelter. Any animals not adopted by the ACC community at the end of each semester will be relocated to foster families with Austin Pets Alive! APA! is among the nation's leading no-kill shelters. ACC is proud to partner with APA! and Bastrop County Animal Shelter to ensure more homeless pets are given a chance to find a forever home. Please consider adopting, fostering, or donating to our partner organizations.

Donations Needed

The Bastrop Animal Shelter needs your help. Pet food and cleaning supplies are desperately in need.  Drop off donations at ACC Elgin Campus, Building 2000. Cash also accepted — 100% of donations go directly to the BAS. Explore more pets at Bastrop County Animal Shelter.

APA! Fosters Needed

Austin Pets Alive! needs your help. Foster families can save lives. Learn more about fostering and explore more pets at Austin Pets Alive!.

Meet Our Pets

Bam Bam the dog
Bam Bam Adopted!
Obli the dog
Obli Adopted!
Doris the dog
Doris Adopted!
Ava the dog
Ava Adopted!
Dahlia the dog
Dahlia Adopted!
Ophelia the puppy
Ophelia Adopted!
Elton the puppy
Elton Adopted!
Hanna the dog
Hanna Adopted!
Adolfo the cat
Adolfo Adopted!
Ashley the cat
Ashley Adopted!
Reese the cat
Reese Adopted!
Mighty Mike the cat
Mighty Mike Adopted!
Sophie the cat
Sophie Adopted!
Porch-Chata the cat
Porch-Chata Adopted!
Tinley the cat
Tinley Adopted!
Rain the dog
Rain Adopted!
Luke the cat
Luke Adopted!
Timmy the dog
Timmy Adopted!
Dixon the dog
Dixon Adopted!
Reign the dog
Reign Adopted!
Rainey the dog
Rainey Adopted!
Carrie the dog
Carrie Adopted!
Will Feral the cat
Will Feral Adopted!
Moshi the cat
Moshi Adopted!
Rad the cat
Rad Adopted!
Sam the dog
Sam Adopted!
Pinta the dog
Pinta Adopted!
Eros the dog
Eros Adopted!
Renee the dog
Renee Adopted!
Blessing the dog
Bebe Adopted!
Bebe the dog
Blessing Adopted!
Teddy the dog
Teddy Adopted!
Tootsie Pop the dog
Tootsie Pop Adopted!
Marie Adopted!
Pancake Adopted!
Hobbs Adopted!
Bonnie Adopted!
Feivel Adopted!
Jaxson the dog
Jaxson Adopted!
Ruby Soho the dog
Ruby Soho Adopted!
Jareth the dog
Jareth Adopted!
Magical the dog
Magical Adopted!
Tugo the dog
Tugo Adopted!
Dean the dog
Dean Adopted!
Blaze the dog
Blaze Adopted!
Lucas the dog
Lucas Adopted!
Liz Lemon the dog
Liz Lemon Adopted!

More Information

For more information on how to adopt, please contact Ashley Hermans at the Bastrop Animal Shelter at 512-549-5160. Explore more pets at the Bastrop County Animal Shelter website.

For more information on becoming an APA! foster family, visit the APA! website.

Thank you to our Vet Tech faculty, staff, and students at ACC Elgin for all their help with these adorable animals! Learn more about the exciting world of ACC’s Vet Tech Program.

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