EVC/Provost Academic and Student Affairs Search Committee

Below are members of the EVC/Provost Academic and Student Affairs Search Committee. 

Latisha Addison, Supervisor, Campus Financial Aid APTE 1
Mario Aguilar, Supervisor, Professor, Paralegal FTFS 2
Willia Bailey, Adjunct Professor, Continuing Education Accounting and Student Development AFA 2
Matthew Campbell, Executive Assistant to AVC Academic Transfer CEA 1
Lydia Cdebaca-Cruz, Adjunct Professor, English APTE 2
Larry Davis, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer Administrator 1
Garrett Groves, Vice Chancellor, Strategic Initiatives Administrator 2
Alison Kadlec, Founding Partner, Sova External Partner
Dorado Kinney, Executive Dean, Student Affairs Student Affairs 2
Stephanie Long, Professor and Chair, Geographic Information Systems and Geospatial Engineering FTFS 1
Willie Martinez, Assoc Vice Chancellor, Student Engagement & Academic Success Student Affairs 1
Jim Nelson, Adjunct Professor, Management AFA 1
Missi Patterson, Professor, Psychology Committee Chair (FTFS)
Giao Phan, Dean, Public and Social Services Dean
Anna Ramirez, Executive Assistant to VC, Institutional Research and Analytics CEA 2
Carolynn Reed, Associate Professor and Chair, Mathematics Dept Chair (Acad)
Ashley Silva, Recent ACC Graduate Student

Table Key
AFA: Adjunct Faculty Association
APTE: Association of Professional/Technical Employees
CEA: Classified Employee Association
FTFS: Full Time Faculty Senate

Committee Change:
  • 7/20/21 - Felix Villarreal stepped down from the committee due to schedule conflicts
  • 7/28/21 - Mario Aguilar replaced Felix Villarreal as a FTFS representative