Mental Health Resources

Austin Community College Counselors are here to support our students’ success efforts. We offer services and programs across the district to foster life balance, develop personal and academic growth, and help maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.

Attending college is fun and exciting, however at times can be challenging especially when trying to balance work, school, friends, and extra-curricular activities. Trying to balance and succeed in managing numerous tasks at one time can create stress. While most of the time students can cope with challenging situations as they present, there may come a time that you may feel overwhelmed, stressed, depressed or experience anxiety. Seeking support from a counselor during these times will most likely lead to finding some solutions for those circumstances.

ACC Counselors are licensed professionals with Master’s and Doctoral degrees who have been trained to provide guidance and potential solutions to emotional and psychological difficulties. Counselors understand life balance is important and thus work from a holistic approach. That is, they view the person and know that emotional health and a safe and healthy learning environment will contribute toward your academic success.

Contact to your campus Counseling Office to schedule an appointment or complete a Clinical Counseling Services Referral / Request below.

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Crisis Intervention

How do I get help?

During regular business hours

If your emergency occurs during operational hours, immediate assistance is available. Please come to the Student Services Office and let the front intake staff know you are experiencing a crisis. Crises situations take precedence and a counselor will immediately assist you.

Off-Campus or non-business hours

In case of a mental health emergency occurring during non-operational hours, please call 911 or go directly to a hospital emergency room.


Information students share with counseling professionals are sensitive and personal in nature and therefore confidential.

This private information will not be shared or disclosed to anyone without your written permission on a “Release of Information” form. However, there are exceptions to confidentiality that you must become aware of before you begin a counseling relationship with a counselor. You can also discuss any concerns you may have regarding confidentiality on your first session with a counselor.

Concerned about the health or safety of an ACC student?

ACC CARES team members accept and review submitted referrals and take appropriate action.

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