Understanding the Public Course Schedule

 New short semester classes strat in Septemebr and October

The course schedule displays classes for the current and future semesters. Click on the course title to view a description. You can also view course descriptions in the ACC catalog.

IMPORTANT: Read the course description before enrolling to make sure you are eligible to take the class and that it meets your degree or transfer requirements.

Sample course listing

BIOL 1308 Biology Fundamentals
Designed to provide the fundamentals of biology and critical thinking skills to prepare students for BIOL 1406 (Cellular and Molecular Biology), BIOL 2304 (Human Anatomy), BIOL 2305 (Human Physiology) and BIOL 2404 (Intro to A&P). May serve as a preparation for taking the anatomy and Physiology assessment tests. **This course uses waitlisting. See waitlist instructions and other information.
20 R [4/24/8] 36116 Lec + 016 CYP CYP5 2208 MW 7:30am- 10:20am Jun 1 Jul 26 Textbooks Register
Instructors: VanGorkom, Eric (Dir)

What the course information means

Reading a course listing is easy once you understand the codes and abbreviations. The course listing for a sample Biology course is explained below.

Course Schedule Information Guide
Schedule Display Explanation Description
BIOL 1308 Course prefixes, course numbers This letter and number code (BIOL 1308) indicates the course subject and credit hours. The second digit in the four-digit number indicates semester credit hours.
Biology Fundamentals Course title The course name (Biology Fundamentals) follows the course number.
Designed to provide the fundamentals of biology and critical thinking skills to prepare students... General description General description, course notes, prerequisites, restrictions, and cross-listed courses. The course description links to more detailed information.
20 Registration status If a class is open, this represents the number of available seats. If a "c" is listed it indicates a closed section. If an "x" is listed it indicates a cancelled class which won't be offered again for that semester.
R Skill(s) If the course description indicates a required skill proficiency, a letter code will view next to the number of available seats. Refer to the skill prerequisite legend chart below for skill requirement.
[4/24/8] Current enrollment/class capacity/and, if applicable, waitlist enrollment. How many students are currently enrolled for the class / How many students the class can accept / How many waitlist slots for the class are available (if applicable). If a course offers a waitlist, it will be noted. View more information about waitlisting.
36116 Synonym This five-digit number identifies a particular section of a course. You'll need this number for Express Register.
Lec Type of class Specifies if the class is a lecture, lab, or some other type of class.
+ Prerequisite needed A plus (+) sign before the section number means the course has a prerequisite. Refer to the course description.
016 Section number Designates a particular section of the course.
CYP Campus The ACC Campus at which the class occurs. Refer to the location legend.
CYP5 Campus building The building at which the class occurs.
2208 Room number The room in which the class occurs.
MW Class meeting days The days of the week are listed by their initial letters: TTh means a class meets Tuesday and Thursday; Sa means a class meets on Saturday. Class hours follow the weekday.
7:30am -10:20am Class meeting times The time of day in which the class occurs.
Jun 1 and July 26 Date span for class When a class begins and ends.
Textbooks Link to textbook information for the class Links users to what textbooks are needed for the course.
Register Link to class information in course catalog Links to Self Service record for that class with options to search/filter for specific information.
VanGorkom, Eric (Dir) Instructor name with link to the instructor's directory information Name of the instructor for the class. A "Staff" listing here means no instructor has been assigned to the class yet.
(Dir) Links users to the ACC directory where more information about the instructor can be viewed.

The course schedule is updated regularly. View real-time registration status, go to Online Services and follow the registration instructions.

Skill prerequisite legend

Course Description Skill Prerequisites
Code Skill Requirement
A Reading and special approval
B Reading and math
D Reading, math, and special approval
E Reading and writing
G Reading, writing, and math
I Reading, writing, and special Approval
J Writing and math
K Writing and special approval
N Math, writing, and special approval
O Reading, writing, math, and special approval
P Special approval
R Reading
S Math
Y Math and special approval
Z Writing
# Capstone