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Transferring from ACC to a four-year college or university is a popular path to a bachelor's degree. You can build a solid academic foundation and save on the cost of college before you transfer by earning college credits at ACC. ACC offers a university transfer/core curriculum and choice of associate degrees, many designed specifically for students who want to transfer and apply ACC credits toward a bachelor's.

COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Impact on Transfer Planning
These resources may help you navigate the transfer process during this time:

Research your choices

Discuss transfer goals with an advisor
Advisors and Career and Transfer Specialists are available to help you determine the best path to complete your associate degree, transfer successfully and meet your career goals. Advisors can help you select the right courses that transfer and satisfy your ACC degree requirements. If you need help completing your university transfer application or researching transfer destinations, schedule a meeting with a Career and Transfer Specialist. 

Connect with a Specialist

Participate in the Transfer Academy
Stay informed and motivated by participating in Transfer Academy - a series of workshops that provide a general overview on the basics of transfer.

Take the right classes
Track your progress toward your bachelor's degree by following your university's admissions criteria and taking classes that transferConsider whether to graduate before transferring or earn the degree after you transfer.
Let us know where you're headed
Share your transfer news with us by filling out the "I'm Transferring!" form.
University Representatives
Fill out the On-Campus Recruitment Visit form to schedule time to visit any or all of our campuses. 
Transferring to ACC from another college or university? 
Want to transfer credits to ACC?  Visit the Submitting Transcripts to ACC page.