Unique Bachelor's Degree Opportunities for ACC Students

ACC has a long history of creating successful transfer partnerships to provide accessible and affordable pathways to a bachelor degree. The partnerships below offer innovative or unique opportunities for our students who want to continue their education beyond ACC.

First Year Co-Enrollment Opportunities

ACC offers co-enrollment programs with our two largest university partners, Texas State University and The University of Texas at Austin. Eligibility for participation in Pathways and PACE is determined by the respective university. 

Path to Admission through Co-Enrollment (PACE) with The University of Texas at Austin (PACE) Eligible students spend their freshman year taking one class per semester at UT while completing the majority of their coursework at ACC. Students who successfully complete PACE requirements continue their undergraduate studies at The University of Texas at Austin, and are automatically admissible to a number of majors in the College of Liberal Arts, College of Education, Moody College of Communication or the Steve Hicks School of Social Work
Pathways Program with Texas State University Eligible students spend their freshman year taking one class per semester at Texas State Univerisity while completing the majority of their coursework at the ACC Hays Campus. Students are eligible to live on the Texas State campus and are provided transportation to ACC. Students who fulfill the program requirements transition to go on to finish their bachelor’s degree at Texas State.

Unique Transfer Pathways & Programs

OWL Transfer Program with WGU Texas The WGU OWL Program offers guaranteed admission to WGU when you transfer with a completed associate degree into one of 13 high transfer bachelor’s degree programs. This online, competency-based program provides support services while you are enrolled at ACC, and has set aside $1.5 million dollars in scholarship opportunities for participants.
TechTeach Across Texas 2+1 Program This innovative program, developed with Austin Community College, Austin ISD, and Texas Tech University, allows students who have completed an Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) at ACC to complete a Texas Tech bachelor's degree, earn state teacher certification and acquire a job with a partner school district (AISD) in the third, accelerated year.
Texas A&M University - Chevron Engineering Academy Get a head start on your Texas A&M engineering degree by applying for the Texas A&M-Chevron Engineering Academy at ACC. Offered in partnership with Texas A&M University’s College of Engineering, this unique program offers students an opportunity to pursue an engineering degree while co-enrolled at Texas A&M and ACC.
Texas Woman's University Dental Hygiene Dual-Enrollment Program This innovative pathway enables ACC Dental Hygiene students to co-enroll in the TWU Bachelor of Science program at the same time they are working on their ACC degree.  Students will complete TWU classes online, saving time and money, and enjoying a flexible schedule. Students who have been accepted into the ACC Dental Hygiene program are eligible to apply for admission into the TWU Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene degree pathway.

Texas Pathways Sponsored by the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas (ICUT) 

Texas Pathways is an online portal that includes over 50 online 4-year degrees from 6 private/independent colleges in the state, including 12 super-transfer friendly degrees that accept up to 90 credit hours. Register HERE. Texas Pathways will recommend a bachelor’s degree pathway from select universities based on career interests, credits completed, and cost. For questions, contact Nathan@collegeconsortium.org or Lois.Hollis@icut.org