Same Day Pay Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When does Same Day Pay begin?
    • Same Day Pay begins on the deadline listed for each semester registration. Students registering on or after the Same Day Pay deadline will need to pay their tuition by 11:59 p.m. on the day they register in order to hold their spot in classes.

  • What if I can’t pay my tuition on the same day I register?
    • Payment plans are available to students wanting more time to arrange payment. You can set up a payment plan online immediately after you register to hold your spot in classes. Visit the payment plan webpage now for details.

  • How do students benefit from Same Day Pay?
    • The first tuition deadline occurs closer to the start of the semester, so students have more time to arrange payment and/or establish a payment plan. Daily – Same Day Pay - deadlines begin after the first deadline eliminates the confusion on when to pay and allows students an opportunity to claim open seats in classes that would have appeared unavailable.

  • What do I do if my financial aid does not cover the full tuition amount?
    • You will need to pay the difference or set up a payment plan by the tuition deadline to hold your spot in classes. IMPORTANT: Financial aid students must contact the Financial Aid Office to set up a payment plan.

  • Does Same Day Pay apply to Continuing Education classes?
    • No. At this time, Continuing Education classes are not affected by Same Day Pay requirements.

  • When do I pay if I register on a weekend or holiday?
    • Students who register on a weekend or college holiday must pay by the next business day.