ACC adheres to the Texas Education Code for tuition and fees refunds.

 IMPORTANT: Review the consequences of dropping or withdrawing from a class.

College Credit Tuition & Fee Refunds

  • Dropping a class may entitle you to either an 100%, 70%, 25%, or 0% refund (depending on when the class is dropped during the registration period). For more information regarding refunds percentages, click here.
  • Refunds for dropped classes will be processed twice weekly until the semester tuition deadline for your registration period.
  • During the semester registration period, refunds will not be processed the week before any payment deadline.
  • College credit tuition/fee refund deadlines are posted on this page
  • Select your refund preference in advance to avoid delays in receiving your refund.

Continuing Education Tuition & Fee Refunds

ACC mails Continuing Education tuition/fee refunds to your address on file unless you paid with a credit card. Ensure ACC has your correct address on file.  See instructions to update your address

Continuing Education tuition/fee refund deadlines will be posted on this page as soon as available. 

First Day Book Fee Refunds

To opt-out of the First Day book fee submit your request through your course’s site on Blackboard. Requests to opt-out or to cancel your opt-out must be submitted by 5 p.m. on the census date for every semester or additional session. . Please note that refunds will be issued 15 days after the last day to opt-out.

Additional information

  • Credit card refunds will appear on your monthly statement. You are responsible for interest charged to the credit card account while the refund is processed.
  • Refunds of third-party or sponsor payments are sent back to those payers, See other payment arrangements for third-party information.
  • We deduct any debt owed to the college before issuing a refund.