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  • Hi there! My name is George Elizondo and I have tutored Math at Collin County Community College in Dallas before coming to the Learning Lab as a Math tutor at Austin Community College. I can help you with Calculus, Pre-Calculus, College Algebra and Elementary Statistics. I am familiar with the Lock Statistics textbook and Statistics software (StatKey) used at ACC.

  • Charlotte Fiehn

    Hello my name is Charlotte Fiehn. I am a PhD student at UT, specializing in nineteenth century and early twentieth century British and American literature. I have almost fourteen years experience tutoring writing and humanities subjects. I really enjoy helping students develop their writing and knowledge of humanities subjects (especially literature and history), and I am student-led in my approach to tutoring as well as teaching. My end goal for writing tutoring particularly is to help students feel confident in their work by providing useful feedback and strategies that can help simplify what is often a daunting process.

  • Hi, I am Katie Kelfer-Taylor and I have been teaching and tutoring college writing to students of all kinds for twenty five years. I am happy to help anyone with their writing. I have a lot of experience with students who are not native speakers of English. If you want honest critique and to learn from your mistakes, I am the right writing tutor for you!

  • Hello, my name is Kayla Phillips. I am a History major at Arizona State University Online. I hope to become a Social Studies teacher for middle and high school grades. I am passionate about history and government, and I enjoy helping students to understand these subjects. I love working with students to deepen their understanding of their course subjects and helping them to perform well on exams and quizzes. I seek to provide students with the knowledge to help themselves study better so they can reduce the stress that comes with taking college classes. I can also help students with their history or government papers by showing them the papers’ strengths and weaknesses. I am excited and honored to be your tutor!

  • Hi all! I’m Jannat Skeikh, I have been tutoring all levels of math for over five years now! My specialty is algebra and all of calculus. However, I tutor from elementary algebra-calculus III, and linear algebra (matrix theory)! I try to use personalized methods that fit the student in my tutorial sessions. I like to create my own examples and to walk you through them, so that when it comes to your homework you gain more practice. This way you also have a better understanding of the concepts.

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