Design, Manufacturing, Construction & Applied Technologies

Design, Manufacturing, Construction & Applied Technologies

Design, Manufacturing, Construction & Applied Technologies

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Whether it is the technicians who keep our homes cool, the mechanics who keep our  cars on the road, or the engineers and drafters who turn visions into reality, we depend on professional technicians who have mastered the skills of their trade. At Austin Community College, students in the Design, Manufacturing, Construction, and Applied Technologies area of study receive practical, hands-on training in 12 program areas. With decades of experience in fields as diverse as computer-aided design and jewelry-making, ACC instructors will help you engineer a career plan that works for you.


Credit Programs

  • Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design

    Designers and drafters use computer aided design (CAD) programs to plan everything from cell phones to skyscrapers. Students in this program gain experience using design programs like AutoCAD, Revit, Cadence, Solidworks, and more. Courses taken for a certificate can also count toward an associate degree in a variety of disciplines.

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  • Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology

    From expert repairs to extreme customs, demand is high for auto body experts. In this program, you master repair and modification techniques and prepare to take the I-CAR welding test. Your education at ACC can qualify you to work in large and small auto body shops, auto dealerships, parts retailers and suppliers, and insurance agencies.

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  • Automotive Technology and Outdoor Powered Equipment

    Build expertise in the automotive industry’s latest tools and in-demand job skills. This program provides comprehensive training for diagnosing and repairing engine, drivetrain, brake, suspension, and heating and cooling systems. Upon completion of your associate degree, you’ll be prepared for industry-recognized ASE certification.

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  • Building Construction Technology

    Construction professionals are in high demand in the country’s many fast-growing cities, including Austin. This program gives students the opportunity to train with the same tools, machinery, and equipment used at construction sites. You can also work toward a project manager role, with instruction in planning, budgeting, staffing, and resource allocation.

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  • Electronics and Advanced Technologies

    Experts who can design, build, and repair high-tech systems are in high demand in nearly every industry. Choose from career tracks in electronics technology, engineering technology, nanoelectronics, robotics, and more. Your associate degree will qualify you for great jobs calibrating and maintaining automated systems.

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  • Geographic Information Systems

    Geographic information specialists create maps that combine layers of information used for a wide range of purposes. You’ll learn to use the latest geospatial technology and build expertise in computer-based data collection, storage, analysis, and more. Your degree lets you enter the GIS profession directly or transfer to a four-year institution.

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  • Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology

    This program prepares you to install, repair, and maintain heating, air conditioning, and cooling systems. You’ll learn how to use the latest industry equipment and master concepts of heat transfer, pressure and temperature laws, electrical circuitry, and more. Your associate degree prepares you to complete a professional certification exam.

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  • Land Surveying Technology/Geomatics

    Land surveyors use technology to map contours and boundaries on or below the Earth’s surface. In this program, you’ll become an expert in field work, as well as CAD (computer aided design) and survey data processing. Your associate degree will help prepare you for state certification as a surveyor-in-training.

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  • Welding Technology

    Welding skills can be used for joining beams in high-rise buildings, repairing pipelines, and creating metal art. This program provides hands-on training in blueprint interpreting, fabrication, ultrasonic testing, welding inspection, and more. Graduates are employed in fields like construction, engineering, oil and gas, and industrial inspection.

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Continuing Education Programs

Flexible Options

Electronics & Advanced Technology Institute

A learning community that includes experience at Samsung.

Honda PACT Institute

Train to become a certified technician for Honda and Acura vehicles.

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Concordia Connect 3+1

Co-enrollment program allows you to earn a tech degree and bachelor's degree for less money.

Distance Learning

Convenient online classes anywhere an internet connection is available.

Weekend College

Guaranteed Friday, Saturday, and online classes to complete your degree or certificate.

ACC student standing near a wall with a welding helmet.
format_quote I want others to know welding has little to do with gender as much as it has to do with strength, hand-eye coordination, craftsmanship, determination and creativity."
Inez E.
Major: Welding