Learning Lab: Questions & Answers

  • How much does it cost to use the Learning Lab?

    It's free to ACC students for ACC courses in which you are currently enrolled.

  • Who is eligible for tutoring in the Learning Lab?

    All ACC students are eligible for tutoring in the ACC courses in which they are currently enrolled. This includes prospective students studying for the TSI Assessment. For specific availability of tutoring in your ACC course or program, see What subjects are tutored in the Learning Lab?

    Following are just a few of the subjects tutored in the Learning Lab. For specific availability of tutoring in your ACC course or program, see tutoring schedules.

    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • English/Writing Skills
    • ESOL
    • Foreign Languages (Spanish, German, French, Russian, Japanese)
    • History
    • Mathematics
    • Pharmacology Dosage Calculations
    • Physics
    • Reading/Study Skills
    • Statistics


  • When is the Learning Lab open?

    All Learning Labs are open Monday - Friday. In addition, Cypress Creek, Eastview, Highland, Northridge, Riverside, and South Austin are also open on weekends. See Learning Lab hours and locations.

  • Who are the tutors? What are their qualifications?

    The tutors are ACC professors, former college professors, former school teachers, professionals in their fields, and peer tutors.

  • How do I use a Learning Lab?

    Each Learning Lab location operates on a drop-in basis; an appointment is NOT necessary. Upon arrival, sign in by swiping your ACC student ID card or entering your ACCeID number at the sign-in computer. Then, ask a staff member about seeing a tutor or using a computer. If you are traveling a long distance to see a tutor for a specialized area, call ahead to check tutoring availability.

  • When should I come to a Learning Lab?

    The best time to go to the Learning Lab is as soon as you need help or want to talk to a tutor about course material -- the earlier in the semester, the better.

  • What do I need to bring to the Learning Lab?

    Assignments from your instructors, textbooks, handouts from your classes, class notes, or any other course material you wish to discuss.

  • How much time will I have with a tutor?

    The length of your tutoring session often depends on how busy the Learning Lab is; however, individual tutoring per student should not exceed 30 minutes per course. Allow time to visit with a tutor. Don't come in at the last minute just before a test or just before a paper is due.

  • Does each Learning Lab have computers that I can use?

    Yes. A staff member can help you access the computer software or applications you need for your coursework. They also will help you activate and access your online tools. You can work on papers in the Learning Lab as well. Bring your flash drive to save your work or plan to email your work to your own email address.

  • Can I print my work in a Learning Lab?

    Yes. A maximum of 15 pages per day can be printed in the Learning Lab.

  • Can I study with my classmates in a study group?

    Yes. Group study is encouraged. Study groups may reserve the group-study rooms in the various Learning Labs. You also can request a tutor-facilitated study group. 

  • Does each Learning Lab have assistive resources?

    Yes. Each Learning Lab computer is equipped with screen readers, magnification software, and other assistive technology. The Riverside Campus Learning Lab also has tutors who are fluent in American Sign Language to assist students who are deaf or hard of hearing.