Shared Governance Review Council Online Request for Review

In this section, you should identify as briefly and specifically as possible the decision or decision-making process about which you have concerns. (Note that you will have an opportunity to explain your concerns in section 3.) For example, "X violated ACC's shared governance policy when X authorized Y in the Z department in February of 2004." Information such as the department/college unit involved, date of the decision, and other details are helpful in the Council's review process.
Please inform the Council of any actions you have taken to address your concerns. Include, if possible, dates and the people with whom you had interactions. If you have additional documentation that you would like to make available to the Council, please include a brief review of the types of documents and their contents.
In this section, please describe the decision or decision-making process about which you are concerned and explain how it violated the college's policies or the general principles of shared governance. For instance, "X's decision to authorize Y did not include input from the faculty and staff in department Z who will be affected by Y. ACC board policy requires that decision-making include input from stakeholders, i.e., those people in the institution likely to be impacted by that decision." Again, please be concise, but include relevant details such as the offices or departments involved, dates, etc.
One of the most important goals of ACC's shared governance model is to include members of the ACC community in the process of improving decision-making processes. Please include your recommendations for correcting the problems you have identified in decision-making processes.