ACC expands online programs as enrollment climbs

Austin Community College (ACC) expands the number of online course and degree programs to increase flexible educational opportunities as enrollment climbs.  

“This is the fastest growing student population at ACC. Students need more flexible options to fit education into their busy lives,” says Dr. Erasmus Addae, distance education associate vice president. “Our enrollment data match trends we’re seeing across the nation.” 

Overall, college enrollment has held steady over the past five years, while enrollment in distance education courses has climbed more than 22 percent. Enrollment in online courses is up nearly five percent in just the past year.

This fall, ACC expanded support services for online and distance education students. The college assigned area of study advisors to assist distance education courses and developed a new online tutoring service to help reach students with limited access to campus.

“With a family, military obligations, and my home 52 miles from the nearest university, I didn’t have time to go back to school full time,” says David Klickman, recent ACC online graduate. “When I found the ACC Accelerated Programmer Training could be taken online, it seemed like a perfect fit. Anytime I felt like I was struggling, instructors were always available to answer questions or to help give me an extra push.”

Enrollment is now open for spring 2019. For more information visit To register, visit

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