Never settle: ACC student finds a second chance in IT

“When I think of Austin Community College, I see a big arena with different opportunities. You can do anything here, anything that is on your mind, you can tap into and go.” - Shermay Uwalogho

Shermay Uwalogho, Information Technology GraduateComputer Science and Information Technology are among the fastest growing and highest paying careers in Central Texas. Shermay Uwalogho will be cracking the code on the field for her future.

“I am the first person in my family to graduate. My grandparents are ecstatic. They always taught me when you start something you have to finish it, even if it takes some time. But look at me, I am turning 30, and I did it.”

Shermay went straight to a four-year university after high school but before finishing she landed a job in Austin. She left school and went to work. Less than five years later, Shermay was laid off. She decided to come back to school and earn her degree.

“The hardest part was getting back into the swing of things and balancing time for work and school. Your whole life changes, but if you want it bad enough you will make that sacrifice. You have to really want it.”

She found her passion in IT — first earning a certificate and then working toward her associate degree.

“With a degree in such a broad area you can do anything — production, radio, medical, you never know. Every company needs an IT person.”

It isn’t about sitting behind a computer for Shermay. Instead, she found a way to chase her other dreams.

“Why sell yourself short, when there are so many options. My major gave me six electives, which I used to tap into my other passions, like music and photography.”

Shermay hopes to combine those skills into creating her dream job.

“I want to create my own application. Think Instagram for creators and innovators. My app would bring creative minds together.”

For Shermay, the future has no limits. A self-described lifelong-learner, she wants to continue growing, collaborating, and creating.

“ACC is not only the chance for someone to take their first step. For someone like me, it creates the opportunity for a second chance. I didn’t finish school the first time around at a university, but I did come to ACC. This is where I finished with a degree in hand and a new outlook for my future.”

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