10 reasons to join ACC’s Honors Program

The ACC Honors Program is accepting new students for fall. Designed for high-achieving students looking for more advanced classes, Honors Program provides exclusive learning opportunities in and out of the classroom.

Students who complete the ACC Honors Program and meet all major transfer requirements have priority consideration for admission to specific four-year institutions.

The top 10 perks of Honors Program at ACC:

  1. Smaller Class Sizes | Honors Program classes have a cap at 15 students, which allows for more interaction with professors and fellow students.
  2. Passionate Professors | Honors Program professors are often scholars and practitioners in their fields. Many Honors Program classes offer discussion-based lectures.
  3. Close-Knit Student Community | Honors Program students enjoy fellowship with other like-minded, motivated students who share common goals.
  4. Honors Distinction | Honors Program students have the distinction marked on their official college transcript.
  5. University Preparation | Honors Program provides excellent preparation for university-level work. Classes include an emphasis on research, collaboration, interdisciplinary projects, and more.
  6. Transfer Agreements | Honors Program provides unique transfer agreements with four-year institutions including Texas State University, St. Edward's, Southwestern, and more.
  7. Special Events | Honors Program hosts guest speakers, cultural events, and field trips to enhance the challenging and creative learning experience.
  8. Letters of Recommendation | Honors Program students get letters of recommendation from Honors professors.
  9. Experiential Learning | Honors Program courses include opportunities to hear from guest speakers and participate in off-campus field trips and other extracurricular activities.
  10. Service-Learning | Honors Program courses may include service-learning activities that are paired with structured preparation and student reflection.

For more information about the ACC Honors Program, call 512-223-2171 or visit austincc.edu/honors.


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